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their family stories.

My Mother’s Stories

I’m driving and listening to my mother’s stories…”Oh MY GOD…I’m laughing and crying. It is amazing. I’ve always wondered who I’m like and now I know it’s my Mom. You and my mother did a wonderful job of recording her stories. I’ve heard these stories before but not in this much detail. This is priceless. Thank you so much!


I am thankful I did it now. Looking back, it was indeed joyful. I had an appreciation for it all. You bring joy to others that lasts more than one lifetime. I am a big fan of your work. I certainly recommend you and the process. It is a lovely gift to my family and myself. 

So Glad We Found You

I’ve been wanting to write down my stories for years, but I know I never would have gotten around to it. I don’t know how much time I have left, and now it is done. I’m so glad we found you.

I Am So Thankful

Mom did really enjoy those sessions with you, and I am so thankful, over and over and over, that we went ahead with the process of recording her life story. One activity we did often in her final weeks was when I would go to visit we would listen to 15 or 20 minute segments of the recordings you made of her talking. She thoroughly enjoyed listening to them, and was always quick to add an insight or two if something else came to mind.


Dad died recently and I finally listened to his stories. It was uplifting to hear his voice – I’m glad this isn’t on video because I can visualize him and it is more memorable than seeing him. And we have pictures. I’m amazed at his life.


I must say I DO regret not having you record stories from my mother while she was alive. At the time, I thought, “Oh, my goodness!  I have heard them all–multiple times.”  But now….  Hmmm.